A Secret Weapon For ceesdekker

A Secret Weapon For ceesdekker

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2009, discovery of a fresh phenotype for microbes in narrow nanofluidic slits; and initial detection of nearby protein structures along DNA making use of sound-state nanopores

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Sad to say, For many years immediately after Iijima’s report, the production of cleanse nanotubes was cumbersome. In 1996, nevertheless, the group of Richard Smalley at Rice College managed to generate single-walled carbon nanotubes at significant yield. Shortly immediately after, I contacted Smalley, and we decided to be part of forces to evaluate the transport by way of a solitary carbon nanotube.

2012, discovery that nucleoid occlusion underlies the accuracy of bacterial mobile division; and to start with ever study with the dynamics DNA supercoils and the discovery of supercoil hopping

Electrical transport in monolayers of phthalocyanine molecular wires and AFM imaging of only one wire bridging two electrodes

What distinguishes biology from chemistry is the fact these components jointly make up a living procedure. The secret of explained life, I feel, lies in the interactions, the interplay of Those people cees dekker molecules. The big problem regarding the origin of everyday living continues to be unanswered. How did we at any time evolve from very simple molecules in to the particularly complicated programs we see today? We don't know. I would like to operate on these kinds of huge, open up inquiries.’

Nanopores characterize a chic and functional Resource to evaluate solitary molecules. We analysis novel detection modes with sound-condition nanopores along with different strategies to measure proteins with nanopores. Tasks encompass the following:

The rotors harness Electrical power from the nanoscale water and ion move that is certainly generated by a static chemical or electrochemical potential gradient from the nanopore, that happen to be established by way of a salt gradient or used voltage, respectively. These artificial nanoengines self-organize and run autonomously in physiological circumstances, suggesting tips on how to setting up energy-transducing motors at nanoscale interfaces.

It was in the course of this era that Dekker completed exploration on magnetic spin units and on sounds in superconductors and semiconductors.

An built-in microfluidic platform for quantifying drug permeation across biomimetic vesicle membranes

1999, 1st measurement on the wavefunction of one molecular orbitals of carbon nanotubes; and discovery of kink heterojunctions of carbon nanotubes which gave decisive evidence for the new Luttinger description of interacting electrons in nanotubes

Visualization of unstained DNA nanostructures with Superior in-emphasis transmission electron microscopy approaches

Stable-point out nanopores have demonstrated being a shockingly multipurpose probe for one-molecule Investigation of DNA. I'll describe a number of our latest findings – particularly DNA knots – in addition to our efforts to broaden the abilities of good-point out nanopores even even further, while in the route of one-protein detection, graphene nanopores, plasmonic nanopores, and DNA origami nanopores.

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